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For speed and the ultimate in driving experience, TRI-ACE high performance tires.

One of the things that make a movie memorable is the car chase. You didn’t have to see the original Bullitt in 1968 to be familiar with the scene (described by “Hubcaps fly off, rubber is burnt, and there are countless near misses, both with regard to traffic and then, later on, some shotgun blasts as well. That it ends in the most literally explosive fashion possible, then, is just the icing on the cake.”

And, who, sitting there watching a great chase doesn’t want to run outside, hop in the car and blast off down the road? One turbocharger, please. But Popular Mechanics points out that, if you truly want some speed, a turbocharger is not the best way to go: “Forget turbochargers, nitrous oxide, suspension kits and all other go-fast goodies. The two best and cheapest ways to make your car quicker are a set of super-sticky tires and a serious upgrade of the organic software (that being you, the driver).”

That’s what high performance tires are all about – going faster and better. And that’s why TRI-ACE Tires are putting so much effort into research to build the ultimate high-performance tires. TRI-ACE  is a global tire company that specializes in radial tire research and development. It is particularly renowned for its ultra-high performance tires with new tread patterns that have found international success in such races as the World Rally Championships and Lucas Oil Series. TRI-ACE, which is moving into the U.S. market, is sold the world over – the Middle East, South America, Europe and Australia – to consumers who appreciate the best. The TRI-ACE goal is simple: Provide the best driving experience possible.

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