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High performance tires, like TRI-ACE tires, give you better handling in all types of terrain.

Vehicle owners are overwhelmed with the tremendous amount of technical information that is required to simply replace their tires.  For any given vehicle, changing the tire can improve or adversely affect handling, ride quality, off-road traction, noise level, load capacity and performance rating along with other variables. TRI-ACE manufactures the UHP, Performance Touring, Competition, All-Terrain, Mud-terrain, winter and medium truck/bus tires. Knowing which is right for your vehicle is best left to tire experts.  Contact us or an authorized retailer of TRI-ACE tires for further information.

That's where TRI-ACE tires come in. TRI-ACE manufactures the ultimate in high performance tires. They're designed to last but let you go faster and better while they're on the car. That’s why TRI-ACE Tires are putting so much effort into research to build the ultimate high-performance tires.

TRI-ACE is a global tire company that specializes in radial tire research and development. It is particularly renowned for its ultra-high performance tires with new tread patterns that have found international success in such races as the World Rally Championships and Lucas Oil SeriesTRI-ACE, which now serves the U.S. market, is sold the world over – the Middle East, South America, Europe and Australia – to consumers who appreciate the best. The TRI-ACE goal is simple: Provide the best driving experience possible.

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