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Tri-Ace performance tires are made especially for extreme motorsports, like drifting.

If you’re like a lot of people, you grew up on a visual diet of car chases on TV and in the movies, watching deliberately out of control cars whiz across the screen. Who knew that, when you grew up, there’d be a sport devoted to “drifting”?

Drifting as a sport began on the mountain roads of Japan in the early 1990s and quickly gained momentum.  Automotive enthusiasts around the world started taking notice, which gained popularity as a result of videos downloaded from the internet and later becoming a legitimate sanctioned sport.  As the sport continues to develop, so does the technology that allows 600+HP cars to be driven at the edge of controlled chaos. As a result, tire manufacturers who are designing “specially made drift tires” to help drivers with consistent grip that allows them to control a slide over the track for a good distance.  One of those manufacturers is TRI-ACE and their tire is the Racing King.

TRI-ACE is a global tire company that specializes in radial tire research and development. It is particularly renowned for its ultra-high performance tires with new tread patterns that have found international success in such races as the World Rally Championships and Lucas Oil SeriesTRI-ACE, which now serves the U.S. market, is sold the world over – the Middle East, South America, Europe and Australia – to consumers who appreciate the best. The TRI-ACE goal is simple: Provide the best driving experience possible.

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