TIRE REVIEW has highlighted three new sizes of the TRI-ACE Mark Ma Dakar M/T-III “Signature Series” in the "Solutions" section of its June 2017 issue.

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TRI-ACE Tires Throws $50,000 in the Hat at This Year’s SCORE BAJA 1000 Contingency Program

Two years into working with Score International’s prestigious off road race competition, TRI-ACE Wheel and Tire Corporation, a Tennessee corporation, announced over the weekend that they will award $50,000 to any SCORE BAJA 1000 team that wins the World’s most significant off-road venue this November! TRI-ACE tires must be used on their race car from start through finish according to Jack Bidding, TRI-ACE’s Senior Brand Manager.

Jim Ryan, Marketing and Sales Director for Score-International, the BAJA governing organizations said, “This is great news for all the SCORE teams planning on racing this historic race. We congratulate Tri-Ace on their generous support program for our participating teams”. TRI-ACE Tires principal and chief engineer Mark Ma has validated his unique polymer and design prowess in many competition venues with significant global successes from rally championships to desert off road racing to drifting. With the help of Off-Road racer’s “Super” Rickie Gaunt and Joe Delucie, Mark Ma believes it is time to bring his tire brands to life with the Mark Ma “Signature Series” Dakar M/T-III and Dakar Rally off road tire both which have successfully navigated the rugged BAJA1000 course as well as many smaller venues such as CODE, BITD and TORRA circuits.

To register for the $50,0000 prize CLICK HERE.

For more information, contact Jack Bidding.

Jack Bidding
Senior Brand Manager
TRI-ACE Wheel and Tire Corporation

On Stage, Press ConferenceTRI-ACE Tire USA's Sr. Brand Manager Jack Bidding addressed members of the press attending SEMA 2016,   introducing an all new, innovative tread pattern for the Pioneer M/T, and an industry exclusive 26x18 size in the Mark Ma Dakar M/T line. Both new tires were met with great interest!

Front Row Seats



In attendance were Formula Drift, G1GP, and Drift Challenge Racing Driver Josh Robinson and members of his team, Mavrick Gaunt, SCORE International and Best In The Desert Off Road Racing Driver and representative of Gaunt Motorsports, and Ivan Tampi of Ivan Tampi Customs, Designer of the XIK (pronounced sick) WideBody Kits.  All three gentlemen have partnered with TRI-ACE for specialty tires related to their individual areas of expertise.  All three also displayed vehicles in the TRI-ACE Booths this year.

Representing TRI-ACE Corporate were US General Manager Homey Zhang, and TRI-ACE Tyre's Candice Wu.

Dave Anderson, Tire Business, with Kami and LauraNoted media attendees included Dave Anderson of Tire Business.  Anderson asked about an upcoming series planned for Tire Business highlighting the inspirational story of Mark Ma, TRI-ACE Tyre's CEO, titled Mark Who?

DUB delivering New Dakar M:T


Dub Magazine helped usher in the new Pioneer M/T.

Bruce Daniels, Special Projects Reporter, Tire Buisness




The exclusive 26x18 Mark Ma Dakar M/T looks great on a custom American Force Wheel in TRI-ACE Blue!  Photographed here with Homey Zhang by Bruce Davis, Special Projects Reporter for Tire Business.


Tri-Ace Brand Ambassadors and Scott Miller with new Mark Ma Dakar M:TOf course the TRI-ACE Brand Ambassadors Kami Talpa, Laura McCorkle, and Bailey Chapman, shown here with Scott Blair, were on hand to talk with members of the press.

Josh Robinson Teams Up With Tri-Ace Tire USA

  In a press conference Monday Tri-Ace Tire USA announced they will be expanding Tri-Ace Tyre's sponsorship of Josh Robinson. JR Motorsport Edited The Australian Drift Champion had an amazing year in 2015.  In spite of being in a wheel chair and on crutches for 5 months, Josh finished on the podium...
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