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For Smokin’ Performance | High Performance Tires

For speed and the ultimate in driving experience, TRI-ACE high performance tires.

One of the things that make a movie memorable is the car chase. You didn’t have to see the original Bullitt in 1968 to be familiar with the scene (described by “Hubcaps fly off, rubber is burnt, and there are countless...
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Color Me Smokin’ | Color Smoke Tires

Show your smokin’ colors with TRI-ACE.

Drift racing and other forms of competition such as drag racing generally require the driver to produce a smokey burnout, for different reasons.  But how cool would it be if the smoke were colored?  Our Racing King competition tire is available in 4 colors: White, Red, Green and Blue.  The smokin’...
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Catch My Drift | TRI-ACE Drifting Tires

Tri-Ace performance tires are made especially for extreme motorsports, like drifting.

If you’re like a lot of people, you grew up on a visual diet of car chases on TV and in the movies, watching deliberately out of control cars whiz across the screen. Who knew that, when you grew up, there’d be a sport devoted to “drifting”? Drifting as a sport began...
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“Super Rickie” Joins TRI-ACE Advisory Staff

TRI-ACE is thrilled to announce a new partnership with legendary Sprint Car Champion Rickie Gaunt.

Sprint Car Champion Rickie Gaunt has joined TRI-ACE Tires to help develop a new “off-road racing” tire design. “Super Rickie” and his sons, Maverick and Chasen, of Gaunt Motorsports have turned their focus to off-road racing and are testing TRI-ACE tires in competitive events. Rickie...
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