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TIRE REVIEW has highlighted three new sizes of the TRI-ACE Mark Ma Dakar M/T-III “Signature Series” in the "Solutions" section of its June 2017 issue.

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TRI-ACE Tires $50,000 prize for overall winner of Score-International’s 2017 BAJA 1000 a success!

When TRI-ACE added $50,000 to this year’s BAJA 1000 Contingency Awards pot, it grabbed the attention of the Off Road Racing community with six teams chasing the prize. The 1134 mile race, which was the 50th Anniversary of the BAJA 1000, started in Ensenada, BC Thursday November 16 with finishing being the goal in La Paz through November 18.

Competing with the Mark Ma “Signature Series” Dakar Rally, three racers led by Justin Davis’ Green Army #1085, who finished 3rd in Class-10 and 34th for the Overall championship, was followed by Joe Delucie #205 at 115 Overall and 12th in TT Spec, and Justin Buckley/Chasen Gaunt #1064 at 16th in Class-10 and Overall 138. All TRI-ACE teams reported zero flat tires through the duration. Similarly, other racers had no flats with Dakar Rally but did not finish, including Reinaldo Varela/Eric Stewart #1092 in Class-10, Ken Leavitt #349 in Class-3, and Chad Babcock/Robert Allen #714, competing in Class 7sx.

Since the 1000, Jack Bidding Senior Brand Manager and instigator for TRI-ACE’s Off Road Racing said, “Because of our success, many teams have contacted me about the 2018 race season as we have validated that we have a competitive tire. The next level will be to expand our vision to the recreational Off Road enthusiast while maintaining our presence within the marketplace among a very select group of tire companies."

For more information, contact Jack Bidding.

Jack Bidding
Senior Brand Manager
TRI-ACE Wheel and Tire Corporation

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