Mark Ma Biography


When Mark Ma said “I’m a tire designer”, he left out “extraordinaire”.  

The family bicycle shop started Mr. Ma’s interest in tires and rubber.  As a youngster he often helped repair punctured bicycle tires and inner tubes.  And, being around his uncle who was a bulldozer operator provided many experiences with construction vehicles needing shop repairs including tires.


Born in Qingtongxia City, Nigxia Province, those early childhood experiences lead to a passion for manufacturing tires.  But, not just any tires.  Mr. Ma who resides in Panyu, Guangzhou and earned his EMBA in Polymer Chemicals at Nanjing has a flair for designing ultimate specialty and custom made tires.


After he purchased TRI-ACE in 2005 from the at that time three year old Guangzhou Baoli Tire Company, Mr. Ma went to work bringing together senior technicians from the largest tire manufacturers forming a World Class team.  And, using today’s high-tech design processes focused on the aftermarket enthusiasts making extreme high-rim diameter Ultra High Performance and Mud Terrain tires that are durable and attractive through a three-brand strategy that includes TRI-ACE, BlackBear

and his own signature series, Mark Ma tires.  The large number of unusual sizes and very high rim diameter typifies Mr. Ma’s passion for designing tires for the uniquely modified specialty vehicles.


The Global experience of Mr. Ma’s TRI-ACE Company is a phenom itself.  Marketing tires in over fifty countries and using that unique specialty interest, they have developed winning competitive products for Rally Championships, Drift Racing and Off Road Racing with tires that the consumer can purchase.


Developing worldwide appeal, Mr. Ma now has his sights on the United States by developing warehousing, distribution and sales channels that will provide Americans choices in tires that have not been available previously.  To meet those commitments, Mr. Ma

is building a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Taiwan

which will be dedicated to U.S. production.


Not bad for a little boy that started out at the family’s bicycle shop.

Today with many tire design and manufacturing patents, notoriety in making really great tires and gaining visibility in the United States through marketing, grass roots activities, major automotive shows and professional competition events, Mark Ma will soon be the name leading the way to “America’s Ultimate Specialty and Custom-made” tire brand.