TRI-ACE Tires Introduction

To be “The World’s Next Leading Brand”, you must have World Class engineering resulting in World Class manufacturing and a commitment to World Class quality.  That is the mission for the TRI-ACE Wheel and Tire Corporation and revealed in the company tag line:  Terrific technology, Radical rim diameter and Incredible quality.

The TRI-ACE history-making entrance into High Performance Radial tires began in 2005 when tire manufacturing custom tire visionary Mark Ma acquired the company.  Mr. Ma’s passion for the unique began by putting together senior technicians from the World’s top tire companies while partnering with the Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) in Taiwan to provide superior support.

Now supplying tires to over fifty countries around the world, TRI-ACE takes great pride in validating their strong design and engineering capability through competition products with successful performances in venues including Gran Prix, Rally Racing, Drifting, Off Road Racing and more.

These experiences are transferred to the consumer products where TRI-ACE flashes their brilliance with premium tires, winter tires and UHP for many global passenger cars, luxury sedans, sporty performance, SUV, Light Truck and 4X4 vehicle applications.  Most significant is the focus on UHP and high-rim diameter where there are over 100 sizes up to 32” including asymmetrical and all-season designs.  Complimenting UHP, in Light Truck sizes TRI-ACE provides tire selections that are suitable for many replacement sizes and all custom and unique wheels while being leading edge in new high-rim diameter size offerings through many wheel company partnerships.  

The company name TRI-ACE sums it up best:

T = Terrific Technology

R = Radical Rim Diameter

I  =  Incredible Quality

A = All consumers are first and foremost in our mind.

C = Channels of distribution so that all customers can easily get our products.

E = Exceptional focus in design, quality and service to be the #1 brand.